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M-Smart Glasses

M-Smart Glass is a module to be applied to any pair of glasses (be they eyeglasses, without lenses or even sunglasses) that allows you to immerse yourself in augmented reality and designed for everyday life and to ride a bike / drive a car. It communicates via Bluetooth with your smartphone and, thanks to a specially created application, you can synchronize your phone with smart glasses. Through a button on the device, it is possible to navigate between the two available screens: the first allows you to view the time, date and battery charge of it; the second one instead allows, thanks to a GPS module, to visualize the speed to which one is moving and the direction (north, south, north-east, ...)

How it works

Everything starts from the OLED module, which represents the starting interface. It is turned upside down by the mirror and made smaller by a particular lens that guarantees visibility to the human eye. Finally, it is turned upside down again by the prism, from which the person sees the final result.

The interface

In this screen, the smart glasses are synchronized with the smartphone, so it shows the date. Pressing the silver button takes you to the second screen, which allows us to view the speed.

Furthermore, when you make a call or receive an SMS, a pop-up with the corresponding notification is displayed on the screen.