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Holoview is our new way to live your car. We are building a mixed reality system that can display all the information necessary for driving, such as speedometer, navigator, time, incoming calls, etc. on the windscreen by the projection of a hologram With a system based on artificial intelligence, it will be able to detect any obstacles on the road, such as pedestrians, other cars or objects that obstruct the journey or road signs. It will be embedded in future generation vehicles. Actually is just an idea but from 2020 Morelli Tech will be involved to realize this holographic system to avoid all types of car accidents caused by distraction.

How it works

We have designed a holographic system connected to a GPS and Bluetooth module which shows, using a laser projector, information like messages, calls, maps, time, speedometer, etc. to prevent the driver from looking at the phone.

The interface

Its interface does not obstruct the view so you can look at the road while checking speedometer or if there is an incoming call. Moreover, our interface is almost completely customizable so you can to remove information that you consider useless and keep what you want on your windscreen.

We are perfect for...

- Autonomous cars
- Luxury cars
- Those who travel a lot and for medium-long periods (es. truck drivers)
- Advertising

Our Plus

- System customization, so you can reposition, add or remove information to your liking based on your personal needs and the ability to view calls or messages while driving without having to look away.
- Many people live the vehicle almost like a home, so we thought about the possibility of projecting applications such as YouTube, Netflix Spotify, WhatsApp, etc… to entertain the driver. And when the car starts circulating these functions will be blocked.
- We will reserve specific areas for advertising.