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It is a device capable of projecting all the principal information (messages, calls, time, speedometer, etc.) on a small glass attached to the sun visor thanks to a clip. It’s a cheap version of our future product (holoview), that will be able to satisfy even those who do not have great financial resources. holoclip is also a modular device, in fact, with numerous connectors it is possible to position it on any car, and in any position, following the needs of the driver.

How it works

We use an OLED display connected to a GPS module(to represent speed's car) and a Bluetooth module (to connect it to your phone). The display projects these information (like the speed or if there is an incoming call or message) into a glass panel.

The interface

In this screen, Holoclip is synchronized with the smartphone, so it allows you to see your speed and other information like the time, the weather and notifications.

Its design

Its design is thought to fit in all types of cars in terms of dimensions and age so it's easy to applicate it in all sun visors.